Alpine CDA-117Ri iPod USB MP3 CD Player

Make: Alpine
Model: CDA117Ri
Product Code: 117I
  • 4 x 50W High Power Amp 
  • High speed USB connection for iPhone/iPod or USB memory sticks 
  • Rear USB 
  • Required Accessory Supplied (extension cable and adaptor) 
  • Parrot Bluetooth Ready  Required Accessory KCE-400BT 
  • AUX Input Required Accessory KCA-121B 
  • IMPRINT READY Required Accessory PXA-H100 (Imprint Sound Processor) 
  • BioLite Display ;
  • Subwoofer Level Control 
  • Quick search 
  • Ai-NET 
  • 3 Pre-Outs 4V
  • 2 Pre-ins for PXA-H100 
  • Rotary Encoder 
  • Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready 
  • Vehicle Display Interface Ready Remote control included 
  • 24-Bit DAC 
  • 6-Channel Digital Time Correction 
  • 7 Band Graphic EQ or 5 Band Parametric EQ 
  • High Pass Filter 
  • Digital AM/FM tuner -Auto Volume 
  • Blue/Red/Amber/Green Quad Illumination - Media Xpander. RDS
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